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Welcome to a Perth property management company who maximises the value of your investment property through high quality property management from the moment you meet us.

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7 reasons why to choose Elevate Rental Management

1. We are a family owned and operated company focussed only on property management.

2. We are property developers and investors who understand the importance of quality property management.

3. Our Perth property managers are an experienced and dedicated team who work to provide the best service to property owners.

4. We deliver prompt and effective communication to our owners and tenants.

5. We have the highest standard of property inspections in the industry

6. We embrace technology to deliver a higher level of service to owners and tenants.

7. Our decision making is based on strong family values.
At Elevate we really do care. We know that owners want to maximise their investment and get the best possible rent returns, have great tenants who respect and care for the property and who want to ensure their property is being maintained so they can continue to saviour the rewards from the value of their property investment.
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Elevate Rental Management’s vision is to strive to deliver the highest level of quality property management in Western Australia

Our Values


– Be truthful at all times.


– Demonstrate respect for :

– individuals views and beliefs,

– personal and office property,

– the office staff, property owners and tenants environment


– Open and prompt communication to staff, property owners and tenants.


– Be motivated to continually learn, improve and accept challenges.


– Be proud of decisions that are made for the right reasons, are lawful and be prepared to stand behind them.


– Make every minute count and treat everyone’s time as valuable.

At Elevate we really do care. We know that owners want to maximise their investment and get the best possible rent returns, have great tenants who respect and care for the property and who want to ensure their property is being maintained so they can continue to saviour the rewards from the value of their property investment.
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We are so committed to delivering quality service to our clients that we guarantee that if you are not satisfied then you can exit your agreement with us at any time by simply providing us with 28 days written notice. Other agents may charge a penalty for this but not at Elevate. If we don’t perform then we don’t deserve to be looking after your valuable investment.

We want your feedback so you can help us to continually develop best practice in the industry. We encourage our clients to let us know how we are travelling and encourage you to inform us how we need to improve or what we are doing really well.
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At Elevate Rental Management we know that our tenants may one day be future property owners. Therefore it is imperative that we work with our tenants to provide the best possible opportunities to them. We believe in educating our tenants on how best to look after properties so that they can enjoy the benefits of the property. We also fully understand the rights of a tenant and adhere to all Department of Commerce rules and obligations.

We conduct interviews and provide our tenants with specific information at the beginning of the lease which assists them in maintaining the property, security information and Elevate Rental Management requirements. We also have a monthly tenants newsletter advising tenants of any news or changes relating to the industry or Elevate Rental Management.
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Prospective tenants are screened thoroughly by the Elevate Rental Management team as we understand the best tenants provide the best returns and rewards to the property owner. Each of our prospective candidates are reference checked and are checked on the national database before being presented to the property owner.
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We have a range of advertising streams guaranteed to get your property noticed. Our years of experience enable us to recommend potential improvements to your property to maximise the rental return.

This ability to attract higher rental rates significantly increases the investment and market value of your property. Our dedicated property managers are directly rewarded if your rent is increased and maximised. In addition, our comprehensive property inspections are considered the highest in the industry and serve to ensure your investment property is maintained to the highest standard, further increasing the property’s long- term market value.

Every time your tenant’s lease is ready for renewal we will contact you to discuss the current market and work with you to determine the best rental price. This communication will give you great confidence that you are maximizing your returns.

Do you want to maximize your returns? If so then click this link to get a free appraisal
Elevate Rental Management use the best marketing tools in the industry to attract the best tenant for the property owners property. Advertising is of a professional standard that is placed on the following websites:
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We understand the need for open and regular communication with property owners. Our property managers will always call before completing any maintenance, renewing leases, accepting new tenants and reviewing rental prices. Elevate Rental Management also sends out a monthly newsletter keeping property managers up to date with any changes, news or competitions. A customer loyalty program is also provided to reward property owners who employ our services for the long term.
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We love to help as many people who want to know what is happening with the Perth rental market.

To keep up to date visit our Facebook Page
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With a licensee whose primary role is to oversee the daily operations and quality standards of the property management team is rare in the industry and something that sets us apart. With over 15 years experience in the property management industry our licensee is passionate about delivering best practice property management services to our clients.

This focus has enabled us to develop market leading systems and processes to deliver great property management. At Elevate we have developed a very unified and dedicated team to work as one in the care and promotion of your property.
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Elevate has developed professional networks throughout Australia. Please take a look at the links below.

Property Sales

Coldham Realty – South Perth, Western Australia www.coldhamrealty.com

Margaret River First National- Margaret River, Western Australia www.margaretriverrealestate.com.au

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Equity Focus – Parkwood, Western Australia www.equityfocus.com.au

Here Realty – Claremont, Western Australia www.hererealty.com.au

Ace Realty – Applecross, Western Australia www.acerealty.com.au

Property Management

Dalyellup Property Management – Bunbury, Western Australia www.dalypm.com.au

Margaret River First National- Margaret River, Western Australia www.margaretriverrealestate.com.au

Rental Express – Brisbane, Queensland www.rentalexpress.com.au

Rentalpro – Brisbane, Queensland www.rentalpro.com.au

Property Maintenance

Nifty Mate – Perth, Western Australia www.niftymate.com.au

Eziclean – Perth, Western Australia www.eziclean.com.au

Property Services

Properteyes – Perth, Western Australia www.properteyes.com.au

Hegney Property Group (Valluers and Buyers Agents) – Australia www.hegney.com.au

Mortgage Choice Perth (Finance Broker) – www.mortgagechoice.com.au/andrew.sawyer

Flavel Tierney Accountants – www.flaveltierney.com.au

Shortstay Accomodation

Villa 15 – Albany, Western Australia www.villa15.com.au
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My name is Brad Howard and I’m the managing director of Elevate Rental Management and over the last 3 years I’ve helped manage hundreds of homes for investment property owners all over Perth. Previously coming from a non real estate agent career but as a property investor, I was amazed at the poor service of many property management agencies in Perth. It made me very determined to enter this industry and change the way it is done so property investors could experience something better and different.

This is why I’m offering you the opportunity to trial our service and if you are unsatisfied then you only need to provide us with 28 days written notice to exit the agreement. Just fill in the form on your screen press submit and one of my team will contact you and organise a meeting with you.

Of course if you’re not convinced then keep reading and I’ll show you why having a normal real estate agent managing your investment property could be costing you thousands of dollars… and leaving you exposed to unnecessary risks.
Take This Simple Quiz To Evaluate Whether Your Real Estate Agency Is Doing Everything They Can To Help You Save Money, Avoid ‘Bad-Egg’ Tenants, Protect Yourself And Your Property, And Maximise Your Return On Investment…

Question # 1: Has your real estate reviewed and discussed the rental price of your property over the last 12 months?[ ] Yes [ ] No
Did you know that many agencies do not have staff who are avid property investors who keep updated on the state of the market on a daily basis? At Elevate our staff have a passion for property investing and are just as keen as any owner to know they are maximizing their investment thus they know how to maximize yours.
To trial the Elevate Rental Management Service For Free without obligation, click here and fill in the form.

Question # 2: Has your real estate agent told you how to avoid the risks associated with tenants defaulting on their rent, how to avoid damage to your property, or how to avoid being sued if your tenant injures themselves?[ ] Yes [ ] No
Would you like to know how to eliminate almost all your concerns about owning a rental property: problems like tenants defaulting on their rent or tenants damaging your property?
How about tenants injuring themselves on your property and deciding to sue you? What if you could do all this for approximately $250 a year as a result of landlord protection insurance?
For more Landlord Insurance information from Elevate Rental Management For Free without obligation, simply click here and fill out the form.

Question # 3: Has your real estate agent told you how they complete routine inspections on your property? [ ] Yes [ ] No
How do you expect to receive your routine inspection? Does it have a detailed explanation on each room and area of the property? Does it have digital photos to give an accurate visual display of the state of your property? Is it considered the highest standard of routine inspection in the industry? Is it sent to you electronically so you can file for future reference with the click of a button? Poorly completed routine inspections leaves unnecessary doubt in your mind about how well your property is being maintained by the tenant.
To find out more about Elevate Rental Management’s routine inspections simply click here and fill out the form.

Question # 4: Has your real estate agency told you whether they give YOUR keys to tenants to look through your property? [ ] Yes [ ] No
Did you know there’s some “sales based agencies” that hand out keys to tenants because their property managers can’t be bothered showing tenants through vacant properties? What’s wrong with this: Firstly, a prospective tenant has unsupervised access to your property and they can easily make copies of the key. The thought that a stranger is wandering the streets with a key to your home – is a scary thought for both you and your tenant.
There’s also the risk of appliances being left on, or the house not being locked after the inspection, leaving you at risk of uninsurable theft. (yes, if someone steals from a property and you gave them the keys, it cannot be insured).

Do you know if your keys are being handed out to strangers?
Don’t risk it…, instead trial the Elevate Rental Management Service For Free without obligation, simply click here and fill out the form.

Question # 5: Has your real estate agent shown you what checks they do on tenants to ensure you don’t end up with a ‘bad egg’? [ ] Yes [ ] No

One of my business mentors taught me that when dealing with staff you should hire slow and fire fast. Taking time to properly evaluate anyone you are dealing with whether a staff member or a tenant for your property is critical to the success of your relationships. Does your property manager do their due diligence before handing over a lease to a new tenant?

For instance, do they:
– Check out tenancy information databases (a log of people who have been bad tenants right across Australia). – Get payslips to ensure the tenant can afford the rent (ensuring the rent is not more than 30% of their income). – Get a reference from their previous rental manager. – Collect 100 points of ID. – Conduct a 30 minute interview with them prior to signing the lease.

Some property managers just can’t be bothered, but not us, trial the Elevate Rental Management Service for free without obligation, simply click here and fill out the form.

Question # 6: Has Your Real Estate Agent Shown You When To Rent Out Your Property In Order To Maximise Your Rental Returns And Find Someone Fast? [ ] Yes [ ] No
Did you know the level of rental enquiry for properties is lower and higher at certain times of the year? For instance, there is a higher demand for rental properties in months such as January / February for several reasons. Firstly, university take ins start early in the year so there’s lots of students looking for accommodation. Corporate transfers also take place at this time because business slows down, furthermore it’s the most common time for people to migrate to Perth. On top of this, it is the start of a new school year which means people finishing school move, and parents who don’t want to interrupt their children’s education also prefer to move during the summer holiday break. It makes sense therefore, that there is a greater demand at this time of the year and the statistics all support this theory.

Has your real estate agent told you that with a little negotiation you can achieve a premium rent by organising the lease on your property to only expire during the busy periods of the year? Do they even know the four different high demand months when you should be looking to lease your property? What about the one low demand month which should be avoided at all costs?

I bet your property manager wouldn’t have a clue, but don’t blame them, instead trial the Elevate Rental Management Service for free without obligation, simply click here and fill out the form.
If you answered yes to five or six questions, then stay where you are. Your real estate agency is doing a pretty good job and you should stick with them as they are one of the rare few professionals in this industry.
However if you answered no to two or more questions, then please don’t get angry at your real estate agent. They are very likely doing the best job they can. Just like a GP medical doctor cannot perform heart or brain surgery… just like a general mechanic cannot fix high end European cars like someone who focuses only on those cars… a real estate agency with a property management component cannot understand the property management industry like a company that ONLY does property management.

P.S. And remember: changing from your current managing agent is really simple, costs nothing and is completely organised by us. You don’t even have to call your current manager. Simply fill in the form at the top of the page.
I would love for you to give us a try and experience the difference.

Yours truly,
Brad Howard
Managing Director Elevate Rental Management